About Us

ELLIE + OSO started as a side project of mine. I wanted to make something unique for all my girlfriends that were expecting a little one.  On my quest to find environmental friendly material, I started to shop online as well as the local craft stores. I started making crochet hats using organic cotton yarn and from there I was hooked.  I then ventured into making hair accessories not only for the children, but for the mommies as well. I soon started to realize that I could contribute to the happiness of others just by expressing myself creatively. I was bringing my creative thoughts to life and loved every bit of it. The birth of my daughter was a big turning point for me. Due to her amazing energy and personality, I was inspired on a deep and personal level.  I was having fun,  and as luck would have  it,  was offered to sell  my custom products at a local kids boutique. 
I am always experimenting with design and having fun mixing up textiles. I am setting out to create products that anyone can adore and hopefully put a smile on their face.....
One product at a time.
"Starting something small and one day hoping to create something worth wild."